Family Grants


The following are guidelines for non-trustee Johnson family members (descendants of Grace Phillips Johnson) who wish to bring grant requests to the Winifred Johnson Clive Foundation for its consideration, for funding. The foundation welcomes such requests, but it is important to understand the process, time deadlines, and purposes for which grants will be considered.


1.  All grant projects must fit within the foundation’s mission statement.


2. All proposed grantees must have a current 501 (c)(3) or other comparable tax exempt certificate, which must be furnished to the foundation; or, the sponsor of the grantee, to whom the foundation’s funds will be given, must have such a certificate, and likewise must furnish a copy of it to the foundation.


3. The family member must contact one of the trustees of the foundation, and work with that trustee to start the grant request process. The trustee will furnish instructions to the family member and work with him or her to have the prospective grantee submit a draft application, based on the questions in the on-line application, and answer questions that may arise. The trustee through whom the grant request is processed will have the discretion to allow the grant request to be submitted to the foundation, if the trustee believes the grant request is appropriate and in adequate form for consideration.


4. The family member making the request must demonstrate sincere, personal involvement with the proposed grantee organization, such as board membership, volunteer services, or the like, and must have knowledge of the proposed grantee’s history, its organizational and financial status, as well as knowledge about the project to be funded.


5. Only one grant request per year can be brought by any one family member.


6. If a grant request is submitted by a family member through a trustee, the family member may come to the foundation meeting at which the grant request is to be considered, to make a presentation or to answer questions. However, the family member may not be present at the meeting for any discussion of the grant request or vote, by the trustees.


7. The foundation favors proposals that leverage foundation dollars, such as making matching grants (conditional on raising matching funds), as well as cooperative and collaborative efforts with other organizations.


8. Grant requests must be submitted through the foundation’s website on the forms provided, with all required documentation, and in a timely manner. If not submitted on time to the foundation, a grant request will not be considered. The dates vary from year to year, but in general are approximately six weeks prior to the foundation meetings, in the spring or fall of each year. The family member should check the foundation’s website or ask the trustee with whom s/he is working for the foundation’s deadlines. Please see the application procedures for more information.


9. Submission of a grant request as described above is not a guarantee that the grant will be funded. There must be adequate funds available to the foundation for the funding period requests; and all funding decisions are at the sole discretion of the trustees.



For questions about this process or if you would like to submit a request please follow up with one of the foundation trustees or with our grants manager, Jennifer Perez Lara (, 415-561-6540 x255)